Magnolia Grove Mastiff's

Old English Mastiff's

Welcome to Magnolia Grove Mastiff's

We breed Quality English Mastiffs with great personalities, temperament and sound health. 

Our dogs are members of our family and raised around children and other animals.    We take great pride in our Mastiff's and enjoy their company and we know you will too. 

Once you've been owned and loved by a Mastiff, you'll never want any other breed!  The temperment of the Mastiff can not be matched.

We are located in Central VA.  


The temperament of this Dog makes it an ideal house pet and family member.  Mastiff's are eager to please us and it takes but a single harsh word to crush them.  For all their great size, they are gentle, big babies at home with the humans they love.  They are very sensitive creatures.  A kind word or softly spoken bit of praise means all the world to a Mastiff.  Because of their immense dimensions and laid-back demeanor they are sometimes mistakenly thought to be slow or lazy which is a completely false impression.  If motivated, they can move swiftly and decisively.

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